The Atlas Orthogonal Technique

This term is composed of the words "atlas" = the first vertebra of our spinal column (C1), "orthos" = straight and "gonia" = angle. Which translates to "the first vertebra at an angle of 90°."

The chiropractic discipline concerns to a great degree the correction of the first cervical vertebra (atlas) via special examinations, sophisticated X-ray analysis and through the use of a special treatment device.

The Atlas

Just as the giant Atlas (carrier) of Greek mythology carried the world on his powerful shoulders, so too rests the weight of our skull on our atlas, the first cervical vertebra (C1). The Atlas Orthogonal Technique is based on the fact that the first two cervical vertebrae and their position relative to the cranial bone are responsible for the alignment of the subsequent vertebrae.

The Atlas Orthogonal Technique was developed as a method of treatment in 1981 by the American Dr. Roy Sweat.

The Technique

The Atlas


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