Your Chiropractor: Kay Nickelsen

Kay Nickelsen completed a twelve-semester international medical/chiropractic program at a post secondary educational institution with the degree "Doctor of Chiropractic." His studies at the Palmer College of Chiropractic and his year-long assistantship have given him experience in and knowledge of treatment methods exceeding those of most chiropractic professionals. With his additional studies and Board Certification degree Kay Nickelsen specialized in the Atlas Orthogonal Technique, which in Europe is only currently practiced by two chiropractors.

Kay Nickelsen - Your Chiropractor

There is currently no degree program in Germany that conforms to the international standards and testing of independent regulating authorities. A degree program in the U.S./Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark and France offer sound and qualified training and promotes holistic, low-risk treatment. In the course of his professional work with patients, he was often able to provide help when traditional treatment of the musculoskeletal system did not return the desired results.

Kay Nickelsen is a member of the following organizations:

German Chiropractors' Association

Academy of Upper Cervical
Chiropractic Organization



Chiropractic Centrum, Cologne (Germany)

Dolphinkids e.V. (Germany)

Palmer College of
Chiropractic (USA)

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic (USA)

Information Service for Chiropractic (CH)

Dr. Joseph Ierano (AUS)

Up C Spine - Greg Buchanan (AUS)

Kay Nickelsen

Anne Kristin Möhle

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